"I would make a math pun, but that's the first "sine" of madness"
In math, I am most proud of my Chapter Four Test and my Problem Solving Portfolio. The Chapter Four Test was about algebraic expansion, and the problem solving portfolio was composed of 10 problems of our choice, from a section of our book. Then we h (More)
Student Led Conferences (Reflection)
Over all I believe that the conferences went well. The time past quicker than I believed it would, and it was way easier to talk for 40 minutes than I expected it to be. The game really helped ease into the conference and the results were actually ra (More)
My Project Day
On the conference, which took place in the theater, we had to tell about problems of the megacity, which we had. My city was Sao Paulo and I had talk about problems with water. Of course, it seems like an ideal city without any problems, but there ar (More)
SLC #1
I thought that doing an SLC was a bad idea, I thought that it would be a waste of time and that nothing would come out of that experience. But I was actually pretty surprised by how my parents reacted to me giving them a presentation about my school (More)
Revolution Unit: French Revolution
In our LA/SS class, we have been studying revolutions and the pattern that they follow. Then we were given a choice of revolutions to choose from to do a series of project on. I chose to use the French Revolution, and my group consisted of Kamilla, L (More)
Personal Project Day 2: Refelection
1.) I'm not quite sure yet if I can realistically complete my project in the time frame given, because it's proved harder that I expected. Particularly because i'm not an expert when it comes to photoshop, and much of my project requires photoshop. H (More)
In spanish I feel that I am behind others in the class and want to catch up. One thing I want to improve on is my vocabulary. I plan to study the vocab they have learned so far this year and vocab we are currently learning and to strengthen the (More)
In LASS my first assignment was to write a fable about a revolution. But since I have only been at ISP for a few weeks, and therefore did not have time to study an entire revolution, I wrote my fable about the American Civil War. I enjoyed this ass (More)
Math 2012-2013
In math this year we focused on linear equations, algebra, exponents, and we even did a little geometry before moving on to factorizing. In math I am most proud is the progress I have made throughout the year because I started off really struggling a (More)
In science we have just started an astronomy unit where we have to create our own planet within a small group. This assignment is challenging but it is also fun. For science my goal is to improve on writing lab reports and and to learn much more. (More)
Protest song
 One of the tasks in the revolution project was to create a song to go along with our fight against the bloody Brits. Our song has adapted the structure intro A-B-A-B-A-B-B. The slower rhythm along with instruments such as the piano, bass, and vocals (More)
Science Portfolio: Most Learned from
At the end of the first trimester, we had to go through our tests and assignments and see which of these we were most proud of and which we learned the most from. For what we learned the most from I selected my Rates of Reaction Lab. I chose it becau (More)
Project Day #3 Reflection Time:
1.) How did the day go, how productive was it? What did you accomplish? Today was very stressful, as none of my ideas worked very well. I tried Sketch Up, and did not have much luck with that, as I found it quite disorienting. I then attempted to (More)
French Vocab Test: Joyeux Noel
Last Personal Project Day Reflection #4
1.) Is your Personal Project Finished? No, my personal project is not done yet, but i have made a lot of progress. I only have some remaining, which I have a very clear set plan for the time until February !st. 2.) How do you feel about the (More)
Grade 8 Mapping Activity
Beginning: In the beginning of our mapping sessions our group actually were in agreement and we had some really great ideas. The idea we planned on doing was to get a giant 3D Styrofoam ball and stick pins with peoples pictures in it. We were goin (More)
Final Personal Project Reflection
End of the day Reflective Questions: ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞. I believe that the purpose of the personal project was to provide us with a meaningful experience, where we got to expand on an idea based on somethi (More)
Communication  is not so hard for me, but I don't know English language very well.  Because of it I can't understand Math and a little bit Science. In math i can't understand math-words and in Science i have the same problem. Also when someone asking (More)
Mort À Paris RC Tests - Self Assesement
Mort à Paris RC Tests - Self Assessment questions Ch 5-6       (More)
Communicating about Science
Mr Warnecke gave the lab for us. The name of this lab was - Plotting a Magnetic Field Around a Permanent Magnet. He told for us how to work on it.  We had to draw 3  figures with using compass and magnets. I didn't understand important details in thi (More)
    Так как я не так давно приехала в Прагу и поступила в Американскую школу, где люди в основном разговаривают на английском, учить уроки мне довольно трудно. Одним из таких уроков является Science(наука). В нем изучаются такие предм (More)
Animal Farm Lit circle
I had lit circle with Alex B, Vicky, and Hyelynn. I wasn't very nervous because I was confident that our group will do well as always. Last time I was very sick and my throat had very harsh conditions to speak. However, in the 2nd one, I was fine and (More)
Grade 8 Mapping
During several weeks, me, jore, hiroki, minseok and jun worked on our mapping, which was about sports. To be honest  we sort of had hard time communicating since me and minseok and hiroki were not concentrating. Jore Fripon was the only one who was w (More)
Lord of the Flies Map
Even though it was long time ago since, when our group finished making our map, to me it was one the most memorable LA/SS lessons this year. I was in same group with Alex Balgave, Sasha, and Eva. At first, we fought a lot because there were too many (More)
My Personal Project Day.
So my goal was achieved by preparing. I mean before presenting my project I wrote a  text and than I just shew my project to my friends, who liked my presentation. I used an account of Nicky, Menseok and Yarbi. I think all of them did really good wor (More)
Mapping 8th Grade Origin
For the mapping of the 8th grade, I was in a group with Bethany, Sofia, George, and Jente. We had to make a map about the different origins in 8th grade. At first, we had  a silly idea of making babies with the different flags on their diapers. But a (More)
Vocab Quiz: Joyeux Noel: Student Assessment
VOCAB QUIZ ‘Joyeux Noël’ – Student Self (More)
Most learned thing in Science!
I think I learned most learned about Electron, Neutron and Proton things because it was completely new to me and it was one of the most interesting and complicated topics personally. (More)
Science reflection
The piece of Science work I am most proud of is Balancing Chemical Equation Quiz.This was a critical thinking activity for me because I had to learn information that I didn't know before. I also had to study to make sure I understood everything that (More)
Favorite Science Work
I liked naming Ionic and Covalent Compound because they were really interesting and fun. I didn't know anything about this topic. It was the one of the thing that I was good at and I felt comfortable with it. I loved it a lot that I even do some work (More)
Science Portfolio: Most Proud of
At the end of the first science trimester I looked through my tests and assignments and I found my Naming Ionic and Covalent Compounds Quiz. And I found that I was really proud of that test, not only because I scored High Proficient, but also because (More)
Science Portfolio: Learned the Most...
This first post under the title ... 8th Grade Science:  Portfolio Assignment... Will be about the second required piece of work: The piece that I learned the most from. The piece I learned the most from, is my Rates of Reaction Lab. I learne (More)
Easy Math Assessment (Function)
Yesterday, I took a math exam. I had to travel for CEESA today, so I took math test earlier than others. During lunch time, I took 15minutes of exam and I finished until last question. Beneath big proficient questions, were toooooo easy for me becaus (More)
First time for project day
This is my first time to do project day because i previous school EISP, we didn't have anytime to do it. This seem really interesting because the topic was awesome. Our topic was talking about passion. Obviously my passion was math,science and soccer (More)
Hello to my blog
hello to my blog (More)
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