German fun in 2 semesters
German was a new language for me this year, throughout the semester we learned many new words, sentences etc. My expectations for this year were to learn to understand some sentences of a conversation. I really liked that we went to Nebusice and we w (More)
German Fun in First 2 Semesters
German was a new language and subject for me. I had never speaked German before but in just few weeks time it had become one of my top favourite subjects. Usually we worked with books Abauthisbuch and Kursbuch. We had also talked about ourselves and (More)
German Portfolio
I started German in this Semester. When I went German, other German students were just finishing the topic, 'Taste the Waste', and they were doing a film about World wasting. I didn't learn about wasting, so I made a film about myself. It was the fir (More)
Hobbys (Hobbies) Movie
For the movie about outr hobbys, we had to choose things we liked to do and use our knowledge to put together sentences that say what thing/hobby we do each day off the week. We then drew pictures of the hobby, and wrote underneath the sentence we pu (More)
German Movie
In german, we watched the film "Taste the Waste" We then made short movies on iMovie about food wasting. We wrote our own script, and spoke in front of (More)
Hobby Video
Click here to see my short Hobby's video.  I do not do all of the hobby's that are in the video. i think that the most difficult part of the (More)
Wanted Poster
Hello, here you will be able to view my first big piece of work in German class. In this piece of work we had to think of a name and then we had to write a wanted poster based on their personalities. I really enjoyed working on this because I really (More)
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