Homeroom Personal Inquiry
1. What is you topic and why did you choose it? My topic is polar bears. The reason I chose to study them is because polar bears are my favourite animals and also because I know global warming is a problem right now and global warming affects pola (More)
⤜LA/SS Goals⇾
Reading Goal: - When writing a personal response or FR sheet, I need to expand more on the ideas that I lay out. Writing Goal: - When writing I should pay more attention to grammar and spelling Overall I think I need to work harder in LA/SS (More)
⤜My Goals⇾
Personal Goals: Finish reading at least 20 books by the end of the school year. Get better at swimming overall, especially my endurance. Get better at playing guitar. Academic Goals: Try to improve my grades in general. Be more f (More)
⤜Me as a Learner⇾
I think one of my strengths as a learner is being able to listen to my peers and teachers and adapt myself to what they have experienced and the feedback they give me, based on my previous work. Another one of my strengths would be being able to refl (More)
Self-Directed Learning Assignment Reflection
Over the course of this year we have been engaged in a self-directed learning assignment, in which we set goals based on our assessment feedback in research, geography, vocabulary, reading, grammar, and writing. I tracked my development on More)
LASS goals
My first goal is to improve more at research skills. Because in the competition that we did on G block, I found that my researching skills are pretty bad. So I will work more about it by doing with More)
Our plans for acieving goals
•Make a plan to read a , certain amount of books per week . •Continue with this daily plan. •Using devoted time in Eal and LA/SS to read and working hard •Day-to-Day reading during break . •Create a list of books to read. (More)
Final Blog Post
I think that I am working well towards my reading goal. I read a lot more now that I am keeping track of it. I think to reach my goal in math, I have to slow down and be too careful. In science, I think I need to spend more time at home on it. Often (More)
Writing Goals Reflection
I had two semester 1 writing goals. One was to be able to skim through text and find the key information which I need. Through the Curator Project, I h (More)
New SMART goals
These are my New smart goals, which are possible, realistic and accurate for semester 2. New SMART goals My first goal is to get at least get proficient on every subject. To get at least proficient on every subject I have to - work on every thing (More)
Here is my goal for semester 2, due June 10th: 1. Read at least 5 days a week, about 30 min. per day. I will track my progress on a chart. (More)
my goals
my goals are to get better at spelling and EAL. Get more at hp on science and math. (More)
Semester 1 goal & reflection
my goal.   my goal is to get at least proficient in weather lab. To reach the goal I  have to think like baby,(not act like baby). first I have to make sure What I am going to do every day, I mean to make schedule the schedule has to be eas (More)
Advisory goals from semester 1
My goal  for school is to learn spelling and have very good grades to make my parents happy but I’m not doing it just for my parents i am doing it for myself especially for myself because i want to have a good futr. I want to be athlete and be the be (More)
Semester 1 Goals
These are the goals I originally wrote in semester 1: Academic: Be able to play Pirates, Fire Dance, and the Snake Charmer fluently. Social: Being more independent. → asking questions at the right time   I think I achieved my goal. I was (More)
Writing Goals
Here are my semester 1 writing goals and grammar log. (More)
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