This is the begin of my composition.   Now I have added it it onto online More)
Kyung Hwan's composition
My favorite part was making and listening to my music. My frustrated Part was founding right beat to do. My favorite part was listening to music because when I l (More)
Composition 2
1.I like how I can chose the notes and how high or low they are. 2.It wasn't frustrating for me.   More)
Music composition
This is the first step of my music composition   Mr allen said we couldn't (More)
This is the first start of my composition Mr Allen told us we could only the pentetonic scale for are pattern and because we could not e and b and so I did a lot of (More)
My final composition
My favorite part of my composition is when it has a lot of tika tika because I like when (More)
This is my first draft of my composition.   This is my final composition (More)
Kyung Hwan's composition
I made the beat for do to higher then it sounds good so I did the beat do to higher. (More)
Music composition
This is the first draft of my composition and I made it more fast. (More)
Music Composition
This is beginning of my composition.   (More)
Music composition
This is the beginning stage of my composition (More)
Choir Clips
Here is where you can see us warming up, and rehearsing some pieces! All these mouth exercises and vocal warm ups get us ready for singing. More)
Music Time Capsule
MUSIC TIME CAPSULE:   STUDENT NAME: Nikita Chistov                                                                                                                                                  DATE: 13.06.2013       (More)
Song Created by D Block
Recently in Music class we composed our own song as a class. We first made four groups, Introduction, A, B, Ending. This was based on the form we chose for our song. The introduction group (the group I was in) tried to create an intro that has bot (More)
listening journal
learning habits
LEARNING HABITS: Insertion into your Edu-Blogs     NOTE NAMING QUIZ 1 – ASSESSMENT 1 – MUSIC         Looking at your Quiz result for “Note-naming” – highlight where  you  think  you  are  with  the  (More)
Music Reflection on Quiz
Learning Habits reflection on QUIZ 1 – ASSESSMENT 1 – MUSIC E BLOCK More)
OWOC Reflection
It is a essay what explains to you stuff. (More)
Music presentation on France
  The first time I needed to preform the presentation it was very bad I was nervous so I messed up. I was very shy. After the period Ms. Maiava said that I should do the presentation over but this time I should do some notes so I did some not (More)
OWOC music presentation
In music class we made a presentation about our country. Actually it was a bit hard for me because I didn't have a lot of information about my country which was the Republic of Congo. Because there are the Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of (More)
OWOC my composition
My country is the Republic of Congo. In music class I had to make a music composition about the Republic of Congo. I found that the Republic of Congo have a lot of Percussion instrument. I used a lot of bongo than other instrument. More)
Critical Thinking and Listening Journal
Critical Thinking and Listening Journal   Student Name:  Alison Rep Date:               6.2.13 “We Want Peace” performed by Lenny Kravitz; http://eslbee.com/co (More)
Music Presentation
Turkey presentation 2 (More)
Music Song
Turkish song (More)
Music Listening Journal
Here is a listening journal we did in music. We had to listen to a song and write about where we think it is from, and any other interesting factors. Amr Diab (More)
EDUBLOGS: E BLOCK MUSIC EDUBLOGS Collaboration A)      Step 1:  Writing the Lyrics and thinking about Musical Form The lyrics and form were very easy, and I believe that the group contributed very well. We just brainstormed some and then start (More)
Music critical thinking journal
AlexMAR_Critical_Thinking_and_Listening_Journal (More)
When the first trimester ended, the art classes were changed. We started to have music with ms. Maiava. With music the new project started. We have heard, that in a groups we have to create lyrics, melody, learn about some revolution etc. It was very (More)
Music trimester 2
Collaboration The lyrics writing in our protest song  was quite hard. We had a hard time with rhyming because we are EAL. At the end the lyrics were good, it was easy to understand what we are protesting for. This was nice example of collaboratio (More)
Music Presentation
This is a keynote presentation we made in music about the music of our country. It was hard to find information about Somali music, so I learned about the music from the neighboring countries, because they all share similar culture. I like the presen (More)
World Music Composition
For our country project in music, we composed songs from our country using Garage Band. My form is Intro A B C Bprime A B A Ending. I like my composition, but think that the form is too complicated. More)
OWOC Reflection
This is the reflection for my 'OWOC' project.       Our World Our Concern reflection essay   This semester our biggest learning unit was “Our World Our Concern”. I did a lot of things from this project such as making note cards, makin (More)
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