Technology Reflection
My technology skills have improved throughout the OWOC project. I had to create videos on iMovie, which was something I had never done. I used Screen Capture and Google Earth for my introduction, and voice over. I did not watch any tutorials. I just (More)
Music Presentation
This is a keynote presentation we made in music about the music of our country. It was hard to find information about Somali music, so I learned about the music from the neighboring countries, because they all share similar culture. I like the presen (More)
World Music Composition
For our country project in music, we composed songs from our country using Garage Band. My form is Intro A B C Bprime A B A Ending. I like my composition, but think that the form is too complicated. More)
Voices of My Country Story
This is a story we wrote in LA/SS. We took different perspectives from conflicts in our country. I enjoyed the activity, and think I did well, but think I could have gone into more depth with the last character. More)
Weather Analysis Lab
Here is a lab we did in science about the weather in the capital of our country. I think I did well, but could have put a bit more effort. More)
German Movie
In german, we watched the film "Taste the Waste" We then made short movies on iMovie about food wasting. We wrote our own script, and spoke in front of (More)
OWOC voice(s)
Story of Sazi Daina Today morning I had to go and buy some woods. Because we had to make a fire and make a soup. Last year my parent promised me that they would come back with a lot of money and foods, but they were still not coming back... even I (More)
OWOC Reflection
This is the reflection for my 'OWOC' project.       Our World Our Concern reflection essay   This semester our biggest learning unit was “Our World Our Concern”. I did a lot of things from this project such as making note cards, makin (More)
Somalia's Food Sustainability Essay
This is an essay which we worked on in LA/SS and Science about an issue in our country: Somalia's Food Sustainability Essay (More)
OWOC Reflection
Here is my reflection essay on OWOC: OWOC Reflection Essay (More)
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