Because of Mr. Terupt
I think Mr. Terupt should have been more tougher because if he was tougher on Peter and everyone else he would not have gotten into an accident which lead Mr. Terupt into a coma. I think it was a bad idea for Mr. Terupt to even have the idea of going (More)
Library portfolio.
Here is my library learning page (More)
Innovating spaces: The Library
Design process this is like a life cycle but it is not because it goes round in a circle and changes but this is for making you're ideas and then you share and have oth (More)
Who am I as reader,January 2018
How I Have Improved As A Reader  these are some examples of my best thinking in reading this year More)
Who I Am As A Reader,January 2018
      Goals I have as a reader using more of the thinking strategies These are some examples of what I found challenging so far this year. I use a lot of infer feelings instead of the other thinking strategies More)
Favorite Poem Project
  https://youtu.be/WV2hDOnTJzs In this Project we were making connections to poems.   here is the book I got it from: (More)
My Favorite poem project
This is my favorite poem project. The poem is called Christmas Eve and it is by Myra Cohn Livingston. (More)
My favorite poem project
I got this poem from" my song is beautiful" and the name of the poem is "me" (More)
My Favorite Poem Project
FPP stands for favorite poem project. This is the cover of the book I used for this project. (More)
Reading Notebook Reflection, November 2017
This the page I chose This is why I chose that page       (More)
Reading notebook reflection 2017
   Thinking strategy page: Why I chose this: My book club assignment: More)
Reading note book reflection,November 2017
  me showing good thinking strategieswhy I choose this More)
Reading Notebook Reflection, November 2017
This Is me using my thinking strategies. This is why I chose it This is my goo (More)
Reading Notebook Reflection
  My Book Club Page More)
Reading notebook reflection November 2017
This page shows a book club assignment I'm proud of This page show (More)
A Successful Reader
One time our class had Ms. Lisa as a teacher because Mr. Esteller was not here. Ms. Lisa gave us a really long reading time. From the time we came from first recess to the time we went to specials. I was reading a book named 13 curses and I read almo (More)
A successful reading reading time.
Once when I was reading the Dark Mouth series. My mum Had to take the book away from me because I could not stop reading it. I read about two hundred pages and that took me about two and a half hours. The hole time I was so into my book I could not e (More)
I Was A Successful Reader
Once, Mrs. Lisa was a teacher in our class because Mr Esteller was not at school. She gave us a really long reading time, and then she called people in for a small reading test. Mrs. Lisa and I was reading together about 2-4 pages, because we didn't (More)
⤜LA/SS Goals⇾
Reading Goal: - When writing a personal response or FR sheet, I need to expand more on the ideas that I lay out. Writing Goal: - When writing I should pay more attention to grammar and spelling Overall I think I need to work harder in LA/SS (More)
⤜My Year in Reading⇾
To Kill a Mockingbird. The book related to a lot of questions like: What books made you think about injustice? What books helped you understand others and their struggles? What books broadened your understanding of issues such as politics, power, (More)
Reading reflection
Reading       So far I have been reading Crispin book till chapter 50. The summary of this book is, There is this guy called Crispin actually his name is Crispin but because he was so poor he didn’t even have a name. One day his mother is dea (More)
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