My goals for mid-semester 2
I want to be more self -directed in LA/SS. What to do: be more focused, do not talk with friends. Who can help me: teachers to ask me when I am not focused. I want to learn saxophone. Who can help me: my parents because they will buy me a saxo (More)
My goal to Semester 2
May 11, 2018 I would like to improve this learning habit self-direction in this subject science.  1. Ask some questions to a teacher about the correct meaning.      2. Make a correct time plan. I would like to improve this learning habit intera (More)
Art ink printing reflection frame
Art inking Reflection Frame In art class, we did an ink printing. We had to choose what picture we want to do.  We could also print our own (More)
Grade 6 Band Class: Reflection Frame
We had to make our own music and the piano was in our music.  We worked alone. First, we had to make a base. Next, we had to remake it. Finally, (More)
Engineering Life Jacket Reflection Frame
In science class, we did an Engineering Life Jacket. Describe the Task: We had to make life jacket for our action figure.   We worked in groups make 2 people.  I worked with Derin. First, we designed life jacket. Next, we made 3 types of (More)
Water density Lab Reflection Frame
Water density Lab Reflection Frame In Science, we did a Water Density Lab. We had to discover the density of water.  We worked alone. First, we wrote our independent, dependent, controlled variables, and hypothesis. We were supposed to do it b (More)
P.E. dance
Describe the Task: We had to make a dance.   We worked in groups.  I worked with Thom, Krill, Lexy and. First, we danced with Welcome to Miami. Next, we did choose our dance song. Finally, we choose the September.   Strengths/Cha (More)
Finding Percentages Reflection Frame
In math class we did a Finding Percentages Describe the Task: We had to solve percent problems.   We worked in alone. First we get the test paper. Next we solved the problems. Finally we gave test paper for teacher.   Strength (More)
Percent word problem Reflection Frame
In math class, we did a percent word problem.   Describe the Task: We had to solve some test of a book.   We worked alone. First, we took a book and paper. Next, we solve the problems. Finally, we give the paper for a teacher. (More)
Art stencil
it is my art stencil. a shape is a house. it looks like easy. but it's not easy. I used cutter knife.More)
LA/SS Social Studies Reflection
OVERVIEW   In Social Studies so far, we have focused on improving our knowledge and understanding of the past to help us better understand our present.During Social Studies, we have studied Ancient Societies.  My favorite activity was (More)
LA/SS Reflection
In Social Studies so far, we have focused on improving our knowledge and understanding of the past to help us better understand our present. During Social Studies, we have (More)
Math Reflection Frame
In math, we did ISP mathematic standard 1 and Pa (More)
Readers Workshop
OVERVIEW In Readers Workshop so far, I have focused on improving read aloud. During Independent Reading, we wrote Reading Log and reading a response. I believe I (More)
Hello world!
Welcome to your brand new blog at International School of Prague Blogs. To get started, simply log in, edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you. For assistance, visit our More)
Grade 6 Ski Trip Reflection
On the grade 6 ski trip, we went to Lipno. We go by to the bus.  My roommate was Nela and Derin. They are my good friends. The second day, I went le (More)
Writers Workshop
OVERVIEW In Writers Workshop so far, we have focused on improving our narrative and argumentative writing skills.  During Writers                  Workshop, we di (More)
SLC #1
I thought that doing an SLC was a bad idea, I thought that it would be a waste of time and that nothing would come out of that experience. But I was actually pretty surprised by how my parents reacted to me giving them a presentation about my school (More)
Our plans for acieving goals
•Make a plan to read a , certain amount of books per week . •Continue with this daily plan. •Using devoted time in Eal and LA/SS to read and working hard •Day-to-Day reading during break . •Create a list of books to read. (More)
SLC goals
My First goal for the rest of the year is to speak more like asking questions to the teachers. My Second goal is try to work on communicating in math, not only writing the answers. My Third goal is to work more on Curator project. My Fourth (More)
Final Blog Post
I think that I am working well towards my reading goal. I read a lot more now that I am keeping track of it. I think to reach my goal in math, I have to slow down and be too careful. In science, I think I need to spend more time at home on it. Often (More)
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