Who I Am As A Writer,January 2018
goals I have as a writer  To focus more on cops then finish really fast. Challenges I still face as a writer. I need to work on my cops. How I have improve (More)
How I am a writer, January 2018
  How I Have Improved As A Writer These are some examples of my best thinking this year More)
Writing Notebook Reflection, November 2017
This is a page that shows how I experimented with. Different ways on my story.     This is why I chose it More)
Writing Notebook
I experimented with the story More)
Writing notebook reflection 2017
My experiments page : Why I chose this : Great writing example : More)
Writing Notebook Reflection : November 2017
This is the great example of my writing notebook This is my great example reaflection (More)
Writing Notebook Reflection, November 2017
The epic food war III by Emma Alsterlind
Realistic fiction story
Living it without Tech
The creepy woods By Max D. 4R
The one different night
That one darker rainbow
King Of Cricket
How Do You Know Who You Can Trust?
The God of Small Things post
When reading The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, I\'ve noticed one thing. It\'s incredibly simple story. I don\'t mean that it has no point or that it isn\'t dramatic, but the book simply describes the ordinary life of ordinary Indian people. T (More)
⤜LA/SS Goals⇾
Reading Goal: - When writing a personal response or FR sheet, I need to expand more on the ideas that I lay out. Writing Goal: - When writing I should pay more attention to grammar and spelling Overall I think I need to work harder in LA/SS (More)
⤜Me as a Writer⇾
The first project is my Personal Response to Literature that I wrote in February. It was about the book Doomed by Tracy Deebs. This was one of the first responses to a book that I have ever done. This project was really useful for me since it made m (More)
Blindness - philosopher and moral point of view
When I was walking all around our school with a scarf over my eyes I felt really blind. I found out how much important are my eyes for me, but in this case, when I can’t use them, I had to trust the other people behind me, and I also had to trust my (More)
The Desert Ship
The ship went through the sand dune. The sun was shining high on the blue sky onto the crew’s backs and heads. All the people on the ship had a white scarves on their had. They were sweaty and red colored from the sand. More)
For Him, For Her
In the shadow of streetlights In the light of a fog Under the majestic platan, Two young people met Quietly, but with all the beauty, clinked two goblets. No wine, just water, from the enchanted well “Let our love last forever” “And even (More)
What is HOME?
What is home?  I spent my WWW in Prague theatre, where we were preparing our own theatre performance. It was about home and since then I really have to think about questions like: \"What is home?\" and \"Where do I find it?\" In my opinion, home is (More)
Writing Goals Reflection
I had two semester 1 writing goals. One was to be able to skim through text and find the key information which I need. Through the Curator Project, I h (More)
-Questions- What you have done in your life? Where you had live? What your plan are for the future? I lived FOR 12 years in Korea and 10 months in THE Czech Republic. I have done a lot of things in my life. I will talk about one thing that (More)
Voices of My Country Story
This is a story we wrote in LA/SS. We took different perspectives from conflicts in our country. I enjoyed the activity, and think I did well, but think I could have gone into more depth with the last character. More)
Writing Goals
Here are my semester 1 writing goals and grammar log. (More)
Photo Prompts
Here are the two photo prompts we have done in creative writing Photo Prompts (More)
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